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Mens sana in corpore sano

Date Lundi, 6 Août 2018 - Vendredi, 17 Août 2018
Lieu Estland
Catégorie Internationales
Age 14-17
- 7
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This international youth camp takes places on the seaside in the West of Estonia (Laanemaa County in the municipality of Nova). Beautiful nature, numerous historical places, 200 years long tradition of health resort, unique cultural events together with the warm sea, white sand, mushroom and berry crops, picturesque lakes, cobble stone road and many places of interest are the treasures of this area. The aim of the camp is to give young people the possibility to have active, healthy and meaningful summer vacations with different sport adventures, to enjoy unspoiled nature and to learn how to live in harmony with it. The program will include water activities, sport and ball games, eco-hikes, bicycle trips to places of interest, horse riding, fishing, rowing, sailing with Viking boats, getting to know the local culture and many other exciting things.