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International Dry Stone Workshop

Date Lundi, 29 Juillet 2019 - Vendredi, 9 Août 2019
Catégorie Ecologie & environnement
Age 18-30
- 12
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Learn how to build Dry Stone Walls.

Dry stone is an ancient building technique that uses only stone without any mortar to bind them together. Thus dry stone walls have a certain flexibility to adapt to foundation settlement; they are easily repaired or recycled and moreover offer shelter to many endangered animals and plants. Dry stone walls shape landscapes throughout the world, mainly as boundary walls or as retaining walls for terracing. If you want to learn this traditional craft, apply for the EU funded workshop that will be held at the site of the “Biodiversum” in Remerschen / Schengen. During ten days, conducted by a qualified instructor, you will learn the basics of dry stone masonry by doing, together with other youths from neighbouring countries. During your free time you will be able to visit the Biodiversum - Center, the nature conservation site „Haff Réimech“ and plunge into the nearby gravel pit lake for refreshment. Food and shelter are provided for at the Youth Hostel in Remerschen.